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Professional Liability

Successfully defending professional liability cases poses two unique challenges.  First, by definition, the issues are as technical and complex as the disciplines we defend:  architecture, engineering, medicine, accounting, finance, and many other areas of applied science.  The second challenge concerns the nature of the defendants themselves.  For these professionals, there is much more at stake than a monetary penalty.   Where a quick settlement might be expedient in some other situation, in these cases there is an onerous cost, in both good will and professional standing.

At Galloway, we offer clients the means to address both of these challenges.  Our professional staff includes attorneys who also hold degrees in other professional disciplines.  And we have the resources and experience to address the technical issues that arise in professional liability cases.  The firm also has brought these cases to trial with excellent results for its clients–defending not only the purses, but the reputations of the professionals involved, including architects, engineers, attorneys, physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, accountants, and home health care services.